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The Congress-Bundestag Youth Exchange Alumni Association (CBYXAA) unites Americans who have participated in high school, vocational, and young professionals CBYX programs to create a strong network of people who have experienced this life-changing exchange program.



The Congress-Bundestag Youth Exchange Alumni Association (CBYXAA) unites Americans who have participated in high school, vocational, and young professionals CBYX programs to create a strong network of people who have experienced this life-changing exchange program.

In 2016 Cultural Vistas received funding from the U.S. Department of State to help launch CBYXAA. In late 2019 this seed funding will end. At that time, CBYXAA will be a self-sustaining and alumni-driven organization whose work supports and furthers the goals of the CBYX program. Please join us by providing your ideas, sharing your expertise, and volunteering your time to shape this organization.


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Our goal is to have CBYXAA created by and for our amazing alumni. We need your help!

Volunteer for CBYXAA

We are looking for volunteers to assist with all of the things that you would imagine a new organization needs. First, please fill out the survey to let us know about your skills and interests. Some areas we anticipate needing assistance in include (but are by no means limited to): bylaws creation/nonprofit management, communications (website, newsletter, etc.), event planning, fundraising, membership and organizational development. All with an interest and some time to spare are welcome!

Goethe-Institut German Cultural Center Scholarships

Revisiting the German language is an excellent professional development opportunity for CBYX alumni and a chance to re-engage in the CBYX experience. CBYXAA is proud to partner with the Goethe-Institut German Cultural Center to offer six language course scholarships to CBYX Alumni each year through 2019. The Goethe-Institut has locations in Atlanta, Boston, Chicago, New York, San Francisco, and Washington D.C.

Interested? Please submit a 500-word essay on what the CBYX program has meant to you to info@cbyxalumni.org. Essays are due six weeks prior to the desired course start date. Each location offers a variety of courses and start times. Visit the Goethe-Institut for more information on the schedule at your desired location.

Project Funding

Have a great idea for a community service venture, professional development opportunity, or other project or event? CBYXAA will offer grants of up to $1000 to help CBYX alumni get their ideas for their regional chapter off the ground. Grants will be offered quarterly, and the deadlines to submit your project idea for the upcoming quarter will be December 1, March 1, June 1, and September 1. Contact us for details.

Professional Development & Networking
Host a German

Serving as a host family for a current German CBYX participant is a great way to reconnect to your experience on the program and give back. There are opportunities to host German high school students or young professionals (ages 18-24)

Hire a German

Companies who host our German CBYX for Young Professionals participants support U.S.-German ties and benefit by introducing skilled interns into their workplace. Learn more here.

Conduct an Info Session

Help us spread the word about the CBYX opportunity! As CBYX alumni, you are the best spokespeople for the program and are well-positioned to reach prospective applicants in your communities. With your help, we will be able to give provide this experience to deserving participants, many of whom may not have the means to go abroad on their own. Please contact us if you would like to hold an info session for CBYX High School, CBYX for Young Professionals, or CBYX Vocational.

Mentor a Current Participant

Current American participants in Germany love to get in touch with program alumni, ask for advice and travel tips, and to hear about your experiences. If you are willing to share with current American participants, please let us know.

Finding a sense of community in the U.S. is something German CBYX participants are always looking for. Please contact us if you would be willing to reach out to a German CBYX participant in your community.


Columbus, Ohio

The German Club at Ohio State University

Are you one of the CBYX alumni living in the Columbus area and still looking for a way to connect to fellow German-fans and/or practice your German? The German Club at Ohio State University works hard to provide a wide variety of weekly and monthly activities which we would like you to attend! We have a wide variety of events to begin and end your week on a good note, including Stammtisch (German speaking tables) every Monday at 5:30 and Kaffeestunde every Friday at 4:30 (coffee and cake provided!). Some highlights include the Columbus Oktoberfest in September and German Career Day presented by the Goethe Institut in October at the Ohio Union. We also have monthly Stammtisch with our community partner Dresden Sister Cities Inc. and volunteer opportunities with the Ohio German Language School. But that’s not all– German club also holds monthly German restaurant visits, exciting monthly speakers, and German gift basket raffles! Once again, we are extending this invitation to CBYX alumni of all ages. For more information please contact Grace Klosterman at klosterman.70@osu.edu, join our Facebook group, or visit the OSU German Club website.


September 2015 to February 2020

U.S. Alumni Thematic International Exchange Seminars

U.S. Alumni Thematic International Exchange Seminars are three day seminars that provide alumni of U.S. government-sponsored exchange programs with opportunities to learn about key foreign policy issues, receive training, and collaborate with fellow alumni to implement community projects in their home communities.

June 7th 2018

Global Skills and the Future of Work on Wall Street

What investments can we make to equip the next generation with a more global outlook?
Find out what our expert panel, including Forbes 30 under 30, Kelly Peeler has to say about how international internships build important global skills to compete in the rapidly changing global economy. Join us on Thursday, June 7th over lunch to discuss at Cultural Vistas’ New York Headquarters in the Woolworth Building.

Your RSVP is kindly requested by Tuesday, June 5th.

Eventbrite Invite: https://www.eventbrite.com/e/global-skills-and-the-future-of-work-on-wall-street-tickets-45942942578


International Exchange Alumni of the Month Image

We are delighted that CBYX Alumnus André Beckett has been selected as the International Exchange Alumni of the Month! Since his exchange 20 years ago, André has risen within his career both as a high school teacher and digital media producer. Thank you André for all of your contributions to Philadelphia, Germany, and the world!

Read André’s story at https://alumni.state.gov/alumni-story/cbyx-exchange-inspires-lifelong-devotion-education-and-exchange

Watch Jan Marie Steele’s #StudyAbroad Story

Meet Recipient of Goethe-Institut German Cultural Center Scholarship: Emma McMahon

emma mcmahon photo

Emma McMahon is a 2011-2012 CBYX alum and a Wellesley College class of 2016 graduate. She works in international climate policy and diplomacy in Washington, DC. In her spare time cooks vegan feasts, travels, and curls up with her cat and a book.

Meet Recipient of Goethe-Institut German Cultural Center Scholarship: Morgan Castro

morgan castro photo

I was a 29th year participant of CBYX for Young Professionals from 2011-12. I currently live in Chicago and work as a Business Analyst, but developing tolerance through cultural exchange and understanding is still a very important goal of mine. A former CBYX participant and I just started a monthly meet-up initiative in Chicago for the current German participants in an effort to help them learn more about Chicago and the U.S. from a local perspective. I’m very excited for our first one next month!

Meet Recipient of Goethe-Institut German Cultural Center Scholarship: Ali Cain

ali cain photo

Ali Cain is a native New Yorker who participated in the 33rd cohort of the Congress Bundestag Youth Exchange Program. While doing CBYX, she spent two months in Koeln at language school and then moved to Hamburg for her permanent placement. In Hamburg, Ali studied political science at Universitaet Hamburg and volunteered with refugees. Her internships were at Amnesty for Women, a non-profit organization helping migrant women and KZ-Gedenkstaette Neuengamme. Ali now works as a Program Coordinator at the Cardozo Law Institute in Holocaust and Human Rights. In her free time she likes to hike, catch up on reading and play with her cat Evan. She is very excited to continue improving her German at the Goethe Institut!

Meet Recipient of Goethe-Institut German Cultural Center Scholarship: Michael Kaluzny

michael kalzuny photo

Michael participated in the 2009-2010 CBYX program and lived in Braunschweig, Germany. After returning to the US he earned a degree in German Studies and Mathematics at Vassar College followed by an MBA from the University of Georgia. He currently lives in Atlanta, GA and works in operations management for a major industrial supply distributor. He’s always had an avid interest in theater and outside of work serves on the advisory board of the Alliance Theater.

Meet Recipient of Goethe-Institut German Cultural Center Scholarship: Chelsea Ortiz

chelsea ortiz photo

“Hi my name is Chelsea! I am a 19 year old, born and raised New Yorker, language lover, and coffee addict. In 2015-2016, I left the hustle and bustle of NYC to become an exchange student in the vineyard region of Rhineland-Palatinate. My exchange experience played an important role in molding me into the person that I am today. It has inspired me to study abroad once again, this time in Florence, Italy, during my first semester of college and has influenced my decision to study both International Studies and Linguistics, all while being a part of the German National Honor’s Society. Continuing to study German is a constant reminder to me that I can overcome any obstacle. It reminds me that I will always have a home in Germany and even more, it is an inspiration to return to the country that has stolen my heart.” – Chelsea Ortiz

Meet Recipient of Goethe-Institut German Cultural Center Scholarship: Alex Hawley

alex hawley photo

Having just returned from Germany as part of the 2016-2017 Young Professionals Cohort, Alex Hawley currently finds himself lost in a sea of job applications. After graduating with a BA in International Studies from Boston College, Alex headed off to Berlin where he worked as a research intern for NGO’s and developed a deep love for fries and mayo. Now, back in his hometown of Chicago, Alex is searching out real employment while trying to avoid saying auf jeden Fall in everyday conversation: unfortunately, both endeavors have yet to yield much success. Should you find yourself in the Windy City and in need of someone to listen to your arguments for the best brand of Mate (Mio Mio is the correct answer), feel free to shoot him an email at: alexmfhawley@gmail.com

Meet Recipient of Goethe-Institut German Cultural Center Scholarship: Claire Macfarlane

claire macfarlane photo

Claire Macfarlane works as a Press Officer at the German Embassy in Washington. She spent her CBYX year in Berlin, Germany from 2009-10 and has since kept strong ties to Germany and the German language via the beauty of Whatsapp, multiple visits back to see her host family, and organizing a monthly Stammtisch. She is a graduate of The George Washington University where she majored in Economics and studied abroad for a year in Stellenbosch, South Africa. When not working, Claire enjoys biking, reading, and DIY projects.

Meet Recipient of Goethe-Institut German Cultural Center Scholarship: Melody Cao

melody cao photo

We are pleased to announce the first recipient of Goethe-Institut German Cultural Center Scholarships! Melody Cao (pictured left) will take a German course at the Goethe-Institut San Francisco. Melody Cao is a freelance map designer and language nerd. She lived in Erkelenz, Germany with a master baker as a member of the 2010-2011 CBYX high school cohort. It was during this time that she learned to exist alongside excellent bread, Ritter Sport, and tall humans. After graduating from Brown University and the Rhode Island School of Design, she moved to San Francisco in pursuit of reasonably priced avocados and equal parts sunshine and fog to justify gorging ice cream year-round. If you, dear reader, also identify as mappy or punny, or know where the best pretzels in San Francisco are, she’d love to hear from you at hello@melodycao.com . Contrary to popular belief, she did not write this bio while she had hunger.

Scholarships are still available at other Goethe-Institut locations.
Visit our Opportunities to Participate section above for more information on how to apply.

What Do Exchanges Mean To You? #ExchangesAre

We asked Americans, alumni of our International Exchange Programs, what exchange programs meant to them. This is what they had to say. If you are an alumna or alumnus of a State Department Exchange program, record a 30-second video telling us what exchange programs mean to, send it to submit@state.gov and share it on social media, tag it with #ExchangesAre


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